About Us

Robson Frankham is a Fire Engineering consultancy providing comprehensive solutions. Specialising in both existing and new build environments, our experienced team covers diverse sectors including transport, residential, commercial, education, and healthcare.


For existing buildings, we offer essential services such as external wall surveys, meticulous drawing reviews, and fire engineering strategies. Our tailored solutions not only aid in producing Building Safety Cases but also prioritise the safety of building occupants. In cases of extensions or new constructions, our active collaboration within design teams ensures compliance with all relevant guidelines and smooth discussions with approving authorities.

In new developments, particularly residential projects, our experts provide end-to-end fire engineering support. At the concept stage, we conduct a comprehensive fire safety overview and site-wide fire service access review, evolving into a detailed planning stage fire strategy. This strategy, along with a fire statement, is vital for Gateway 1 submissions in relevant residential buildings. We meticulously navigate RIBA Stages 3 & 4, producing a comprehensive building fire strategy for approvals by Building Control and the Fire Service, actively participating in design team meetings and securing Gateway 2 approvals.

Moreover, our dedication extends to the construction phase, where we offer specialised fire safety site inspection services. This role ensures thorough inspection of fire safety elements during installation, guaranteeing adherence to the highest safety standards throughout the project.