Measured Building and BIM Ready Surveys

All measured building and BIM ready surveys start with a detailed scope. Our expert management team are happy to help develop a unique specification to your specific needs.

This approach ensures the correct process is undertaken to deliver the product you need in a timely and cost effective manner. We utilise a range of the latest technology including fixed and mobile scanning or drones to provide a range of 2D & 3D products including:

  • 2D Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections
  • 3D Models (Delivered in CAD or Revit)
  • Point clouds (Delivered in conjunction with a CAD product or as a stand-alone service)

We have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors from commercial office space through public authority buildings to heritage, we are ready to help with all your measured building survey needs.

Our team work with our clients to determine the level of detail (LoD) and level of information (LoI) that needs to be considered within a model both at the time of survey and for future development.

Accurate existing geospatial information is the cornerstone of a successful project.

BIM combines the representation of accurate geospatial data along with the management of information embedded within the model.

Accurate exiting information can be collected utilising highly accurate scanning technology creating a digital database of the asset.

Whether a full LoD 4 model is required from the outset or a lower detail of modelling can be provided initially with further upgrading post strip out, our team will work with you to ensure we provide the most cost effective and timely solution for your unique project.

Laser Scanning uses the latest technology to accurately and efficiently capture full 3D spatial data sets, of any subject.

The point cloud data acquired can be transformed and utilised in a wide range of sectors, and potential applications such as:

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Heritage
  • Architectural
  • Measured Building Survey
  • Topographical Surveys
  • 3D BIM/ REVIT Modelling
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Clash Detection
  • Asset Management
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Deformation and Erosion Monitoring
  • True colour photographs mapped onto data, enhances sense of realism.

Rapid point cloud data collection allows for less disruption whilst on site, and in turn allows downtime to be minimised. This is especially practical during ‘small windows of opportunity’ such as tidal conditions, or during adverse weather.

Without the need to physically occupy a point, there are major Health and Safety benefits in hazardous areas, where measurements can be taken from remote locations. Equally, previously inaccessible areas can now be surveyed.

Integration with Client needs and requirements allows for a completed dataset to be created during initial site visits. This cuts down on costly re-visits, and can accommodate expansion of brief as client project develops.

Lane & Frankham provide the geospatial information from which rights of light specialists can perform their analysis.

A “right to light” is an easement that gives a landowner the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on his or her land. Rights to light are valuable: they give landowners certainty that natural light will continue to be enjoyed by a property – increasing its utility, value and amenity.

Detailed laser scanning either via terrestrial laser scanning or drone provides the raw data from which CAD modelling is produced. Typically provided as 3D Solid CAD models, models can also be constructed in Revit or as 2D plan and elevations if required.

Often by extending the extent of scanning during the procurement of a measured building survey, data can be captured sufficiently to produce the modelling for Rights of Light analysis without dramatically increasing the cost of data collection.

Information can either be modelled at the time of  the measured building survey or banked for later in the design process, shortening the timeframe to produce the model when the need arises.