Fire Consultancy

We offer fire consultancy, strategic fire safety advice, risk assessments and support as well as training for key clients as their retained fire advisor and can assist with any fire issues arising including liaison with the fire service and post fire support.

Frankham Risk Management Services has extensive experience in delivering strategic fire safety management solutions for a wide variety of organisations.

Our approach to fire safety management focuses on the development of robust strategies, policies and procedures that can then be developed into risk management programmes. Services are delivered by competent persons providing suitable and sufficient risk assessments in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

What is the risk?

In the year ending September 2020, there were more than 65,000 primary fires attended by Fire & Rescue Services in the UK. Primary fires are those that occur in a (non-derelict) buildings, vehicles and outdoor structures or involved a fatality, casualty or rescue or were attended by five or more pumping appliances. 229 fire-related fatalities were recorded.

Good fire safety management can help your organisation conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Poor Fire safety management can place your employees, visitors and residents at considerable risk.

Our Core Services

Our services are essentially risk based, aiming to guide our clients through the legislation translating the requirements into language that can be easily understood and put into action:

We are ideally placed to assist your practice in complying with both the duties of the Principal Designer under the CDM Regulations 2015 and the Principal Designer role under the Building Safety Bill.

We offer independent assurance by deploying our own Fire Safety Site Inspector for any medium to long term construction projects. Combining the expertise of both our Fire Safety Management Team and our Fire Engineering Department, this approach is in line with the ‘Golden Thread’ approach and ensures projects are focused on the original design strategy, Reg 38 information and 3rd party accredited inspection.

Fire Safety Management & Document Control; procedures & policy documents, managing fire risk assessments, remedial works, maintenance and servicing contracts

We can undertake full fire management system reviews of organisations to provide a gap analysis in readiness to accreditation to BS9997. This demonstrates your preparedness for fire safety issues and can be looked on favourably by insurers and in terms of public profile. We are also partnered with a BS9997 certification provider who will provide the final accreditation.

Our experts can produce specific strategies which align to your specific business objectives and needs.

On-call support for fire safety advice and support throughout your organisation.

We can deliver a wide range of training to staff, management, fire wardens and residents from our portfolio of courses and are happy to provide bespoke or tailored courses.

Providing engineered solutions, specifications for any remedial works, project managing the tendering and contractual Process and ensuring successful completion of the works process.