For many years, Frankham has been collaborating with local authorities and housing providers on various projects in the housing sector. 

Our multidisciplinary team has gained extensive experience working with individual residents, community groups, and local organisations. Our approach is centered around positive engagement and communication, which helps us develop close ties with our clients.

At Frankham, we believe that understanding the needs, aspirations, and requirements of our clients is the key to delivering successful projects. Therefore, we involve residents at every stage of the process, from inception to completion, to ensure that their goals are met.

Our team of designers and surveyors have a deep understanding of design requirements and standards, and we prioritise delivering high-quality housing that can have a significant impact on health, education, and crime reduction.

Whether it’s a new build, refurbishment, or planned maintenance project, we always strive to create homes that are sustainable and have a positive impact on people and their communities. Our focus on minimising the impact on the environment and maximising the benefits to society is at the core of everything we do at Frankham.