Frankham recognises that in the modern world, an efficient transport system is key to controlled growth, a successful economy, quality of life and the environment. Likewise it is the link between all other areas of our lives.

Transport covers a diverse sector and Frankham has a recognised heritage across the associated areas. Above all our engineers are recognised leading consultants in rail and underground. Similarly with support from architects, building surveyors and other disciplines we tackle any challenge. From concept and initial surveys, through to detailed design, costing, procurement and construction management. Our clients value our fresh, enthusiastic and innovative client focused culture.

Frankham has recognised specialists in the critically safe rail environment. In addition to their professional qualifications our staff undergo rigorous training allowing them to operate in the rail and London Underground environments; at heights, in confined spaces and other challenging locations.

Our team is qualified to access infrastructure within Network Rail and London Underground environments, holding Personal Track Safety (PTS) and Worksite Safety Induction (WSI) competencies.

The team is qualified in a range of Network Rail accreditations for design and structures examinations, including CRE (Contractor’s Responsible Engineer), CEM (Contractor’s Engineering Manager), STE2, STE4 and STE5.