Strategic Risk Management

Frankham RMS applies a strategic approach to the management of risk and has developed innovative solutions and enabling software for the assessment, management and remediation of compliance issues.

We offer a unique, bespoke, personal service.

Our consultants represent some of the most talented, experienced and qualified individuals within their respective fields. The upshot of the calibre of staff we employ is a service which can truly be classified as best-in-class.

Typically we aim to fully understand the client’s issues or problems through a complete understanding of the policies and procedures in place, budgetary requirements, risk appetite and individual and organisational interaction.

We don’t provide services which aren’t required, we flag-up inefficiencies whenever identified and we always present solutions in a professional, honest and impartial manner because we are fully aware of how risk affects our clients business operations and how important ensuring customer satisfaction is.

Our services are also always provided on a flexible basis.