Development Consultancy and Agency

Our development consultancy and agency service provides a broad spectrum of clients across the public and private sector with bespoke development advice.

Our advice is angled to maximise the development value in the timescale allowed and with the budget available within a property market, which is both rapidly evolving and opportunistically disruptive.

Our role begins by identifying the site’s unique features and value, reviewing development options to maximise development return, strategic planning, then guiding clients through their options on issues such as design, construction, funding marketing and exit strategy.

The Frankham team combines an in-depth understanding of the development process, market opportunities and requirements and trends. We pair this with a detailed knowledge of the accompanying datasets and processes to ensure each project is fully appraised and the key client objectives are addressed with expectations exceeded.

Key services include:

  • Detailed financial analysis and review
  • Master planning and phasing advice
  • Complete managed development solution
  • Specialist development appraisal and funding advice

Frankham Projects provides a complete agency service to our clients in both the acquisition and disposal of assets.

As property agents, we advise on the acquisition and disposal of a range of property interests, such as freeholds, long and short leases, options and agreements.

We combine entrepreneurial flair with solid professional experience within the development, surveying and agency background to ensure that our clients always achieve best possible consideration in their receipt.

We have the knowledge to advise on and then implement the right bespoke solution for each client, be it sale, disposal or relocation to new premises and pride ourselves on our ‘hands-on’ proactive approach and commitment to concluding transactions on our clients behalf within often strictly defined timescales.

Our goal is to maximise the value of our clients’ land, whether we are focused on the disposing of a single plot for a private individual, undertaking a land assembly opportunity for a developer, or offering corporate clients considered advice on their property portfolios.

Our services include:

Land analysis and appraisal
Land sales and acquisitions
Mixed-use land opportunities, including retail, industrial, and office.

Frankham Projects provides a one stop shop able to quickly, and all in house, enhance land value and de-risk sites prior to disposal, provide strategic portfolio wide asset rationalisation advice, development options appraisals and development due-diligence advice.

Our work has typically added an average of 42% onto the land value as established through independent valuation.

Typically, we provide our clients with a full planning and development appraisal of their identified asset holdings, be it residential, retail, industrial or commercial property which we couple with a recommendation of the most appropriate strategy to realise the asset’s potential whilst meeting any operational requirements.

We strongly advise that all clients commission an initial appraisal before work begins on the preparation of local planning applications.

Options appraisals and development feasibility studies are combined with development valuation exercises to examine the potential of the property to be developed for alternative uses and identify any barriers to development or other problems that may exist. We provide straightforward property development consultancy advice to address any on site issues and recommend appropriate planning actions for the property development and are able to provide all design and development services in-house.

A thorough options appraisal at the earliest outset can indicate the potential risk and reward profiles of each development option and allow the client to select the best strategy to move forwards with that accurately reflects their aspirations for the site, budget and timescale.