Building Services Engineering

Frankham Building Services Engineering offers a wide range of integrated services to help you deliver safe, energy efficient, low carbon, buildings that extract maximum value for money from your budget whilst enhancing the wellbeing of the people that use them.

Our team of forward-thinking engineers believe it is vital that full consideration is given from the outset to not only how the services are to be integrated into the building’s overall design and to meeting the capital cost target, but also how those choices made at design stage will affect the maintenance and use of the building over its lifetime, including its wider impact upon society.

As part of that commitment to delivering social value we have committed to the #EngineersDeclare initiative, as we are passionate about responding to the Climate Emergency and bring our clients and collaborators along on that journey.

As well as performing the traditional role of designing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, electrical distribution systems, public health and vertical transportation, we can offer a range of integrated services to allow you to extract maximum value from your budget. From the earliest stages of the project we will utilise our Building Physics capabilities, and in collaboration with the Architect, analyse and optimise passive design features in order to reduce the future energy demand of the buildings. Applying our Environmental Engineering expertise to the design process will maximise productivity by ensuring a comfortable internal environment is provided for the building’s occupants, and ensure resilience to future Climate Change, through detailed analysis.

Our Areas of Expertise

Building Services Engineering Projects