Area Referencing & Property Measurement

As an independent expert, Lane and Frankham will ensure you will receive an accurate and consistent Area Referencing and Property Measurement of your property.

In the UK, property comes at a premium, with millions of square feet of commercial space being transacted annually, involving substantial investments in the stable and dynamic property market. When the costs of your property, whether rent, service charge, development expenses, or capital value, are based on square footage, it’s crucial to start with accurate measurements.

Entrusting Lane & Frankham as your independent expert ensures precise and consistent property measurements. This approach not only streamlines negotiations and deal-making but also provides a reliable Measurement Report, adhering to the latest International (IPMS) and RICS Measurement Codes and Guidelines (or local equivalents for international clients). Additionally, our reports come with fully assignable Duty of Care Letters to all parties involved, enhancing transparency and confidence in the process.

Our Area Referencing & Property Management services

  • ‘As Built’
  • Net Internal Area Surveys (N.I.A) – IPMS Office 1, 2 & 3
  • Gross Internal Area Surveys (G.I.A.)
  • Gross External Surveys (G.E.A.)
  • Retail (ITZA) Zoning Surveys.
  • H.M. Land Registry compliant Lease Plans.
  • Portfolio Measurement.
  • Title & Lease Plan Production, Boundary Reconciliation
  • Photographic Virtual Tours

As a RICS Regulated Practice we are able to offer professional expertise in carrying out land registry compliant surveys and producing land registry compliant plans in accordance with the relevant Land Registry Practice Guides.

Lane and Frankham offer:

  • Lease and Title Plan reporting based on new surveys or existing client supplied Surveys/Drawings
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Party Wall Surveys
  • Lease and Title Reconciliation reporting

With our 3D Photographic Tour product you have the ability to remotely view a property on a computer screen or mobile device.

These virtual reality tours surpass standard photographs, giving users the ability to ‘walk the site’ via 360-degree photorealistic views of a property from all angles for a truly interactive and immersive experience.