In 2004, I was a freelance chartered surveyor advising clients on property and asset management, with a keen interest in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). A chance meeting with Steve Frankham MBE in the February of that year sparked the idea of a compliance management offering, leading to the formation of Frankham Risk Management Services Limited on May 26th, 2004.

A Quick Note on Steve

Steve Frankham MBE is a man who doesn’t suffer fools gladly but knows when to back a good horse. During our meeting, I shared my concerns about the lack of control in the compliance sector and the increasing property-related compliance requirements that organisations were failing to address. Steve, being the visionary he is, saw the potential, and Frankham RMS (FRMS) was born.

Ironically, when we first started promoting FRMS, the feedback was often, “Thanks, but no thanks, we already have this covered.” However, history has proven otherwise.


In 2004, I was the sole employee. Over the past 20 years, we have grown significantly. Today, we have a dedicated team of thirty-seven employees and supported by a select group of retained freelance professionals.

The journey has been incredibly rewarding, and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and the support we have provided to our clients. We were, and still, are, ahead of the curve in shaping industry responses to emerging issues and navigating the plethora of legislative changes. With the support of colleagues and my passion for integrated compliance services, Frankham RMS has become a leading provider of GRC services and a specialist in fire safety management solutions.

Securing competitive advantage is crucial to any business. I continually reflect on the benefits our company provides by identifying our customers’ true needs and ensuring our services are both affordable and of higher quality. This requires a relentless focus on innovation and efficiency. Recruiting senior professionals who are equal to or better than me has always been a priority, as this encourages creativity, competition, and innovation, lifting and growing the business.

I am privileged to lead some of the most talented compliance professionals in the industry. Some have joined me on their pathway to leading their own businesses, while others have stayed and realised success and personal growth as the business has expanded.

At Frankham, there is no ceiling to personal growth—anything is possible.

A case in point is Anthony Robson, who joined me five years ago and now spearheads Robson Frankham, our Fire Engineering business. Set up three years ago, it has just reached a milestone £1 million turnover.

The potential for anyone joining Frankham is limited only by their imagination and personal desire. We welcome those who have a passion to succeed to be part of our ongoing journey.

There are many others I could mention, each contributing uniquely to our success.

So, What’s for the Future?

What is clear is that there is still much to do. The significant increase in property-related compliance requirements persists, and organisations have largely not responded adequately. As Dame Judith Hackitt eloquently outlined, a more holistic, integrated solution is needed. Frankham RMS, together with colleagues from the rest of the Frankham Group, will be at the forefront of designing these solutions.

Several initiatives are already in the pipeline and will become apparent in due course.

From a personal perspective, as James Kerr succinctly puts it in his book Legacy, “You are but a speck in the moment of time situated between two eternities, the past and the future.”

It has been my privilege to establish and grow Frankham RMS over the past 20 years and to create the pathway for others to make their own mark, something that will be evident over the next 20 years.