A group of our Graduate Civil Engineers had the pleasure of attending the #PIANC UK Young Professionals evening seminar at the headquarters of Institution of Civil Engineers. The event was a series of presentations by young professionals from leading UK maritime consultants and contractors, who shared their knowledge of their projects and challenges they faced.

One of the graduate’s highlights of the seminar was Boskalis Westminster’s presentation on the Southsea Coastal Scheme. Which is the UK’s largest local authority led coastal defence project, aimed at reducing the risk of flooding to over 10,000 homes.

They also thought the discussion of the Ardersier Port Authority’s goal to create a next-generation port with a circular economy was fascinating. The project involves recycling ships and North Sea assets into renewable energy structures, which requires significant infrastructure development.

Overall, the #PIANC UK Young Professionals evening seminar provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by young professionals in the maritime industry. The presentations showed that the industry is constantly evolving and finding innovative solutions to address the engineering challenges.