About Us

In 2013, Lane and Frankham became part of the Frankham Group. Originally founded with the mission to deliver accurate, independent and timely area measurement surveys, our scope of services has continuously evolved to cover all aspects of Land & Building measurement.

Although area measurement remains fundamental to our operations, our offerings have expanded to meet any unique measurement needs.

At the heart of our business is a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. Our services range from straightforward 2D measured building surveys and topographic & utility surveys to intricate 3D BIM ready Revit modeling, reflecting our dedication to meeting diverse client requirements.

What sets us apart is our expertise, with a collective industry experience spanning over 80 years within our management team. This wealth of knowledge uniquely positions us to offer expert guidance tailored to your specific measurement needs.

Meet the team

Jade Young

Jade Young

Project Manager

Barry Mullaney

Barry Mullaney


Our Partners

Risk Management

Frankham Risk Management

Frankham Risk Management Services provides authoritative and strategic advice on Risk & Compliance management; integrating the possible exposures relating to property legislation, health, safety, quality and environmental risk management and property and facilities outsourcing.

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Planning and Development

Frankham Projects

Frankham Projects provides a one stop shop able to quickly, and all in house, enhance land value and de-risk sites prior to disposal, provide strategic portfolio wide asset rationalisation advice, development options appraisals and development due-diligence advice.

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Fire Engineering

Robson Frankham

Fire engineers have specialist knowledge in these areas and their expertise is now viewed as pivotal to ensure that buildings are designed correctly and that the users of these builders are safe and feel safe to do so. This expertise is available at Frankham.

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