Development Management

Acting on our client’s behalf, our team provide a comprehensive development management service taking projects from the very initial project stages, including due diligence and devising an appropriate development strategy, through the design and planning process to the delivery and sale of a completed project.

We provide strategic advice and solutions that deliver the optimum sales and leasing strategy in order to maximise profits.

Our team is comprised of qualified and highly experienced Development Management specialists with extensive experience in managing a scheme throughout the entire planning and construction process. With our own internal professional design and engineering disciplines, we are able to provide a complete design, planning and construction service.

We have the flexibility to provide clients with a close and continuous working relationship at every stage of the process if required, or the ability to be completely hands off and autonomous, but always ensuring their involvement with all key core decisions.


Our services include:

  • Project audit to identify key development issues
  • Development of project strategies and plans
  • Establishing highly skilled and site specific professional teams
  • Management of the planning, design and delivery of best in class mixed-use projects
  • Stakeholder engagement and contractor procurement

Frankham have provided delivery and project management of schemes ranging from single dwellings and large commercial extensions through to Estate regenerations, including many hundreds of units and every conceivable construction and development in the middle.

Additionally, we have delivered a complicated houseboat mooring development on behalf of a London Borough.

Typically our role is a holistic service giving clients a complete one stop solution with a single point of contact throughout the project able to advise on all areas and act with as much input as the client requires. We also provide a linked up solution with our construction project management colleagues to provide a solution that reaches from inception of a project to practical completion.

The first stage of any development project is the gathering of information required to understand the constraints and opportunities that are likely to arise through the planning and construction, and potentially future sale, of any development.

We are able to conclusively identify the required due diligence to gain a full understanding of the site and manage the process using both internal and external consultants to supplement any gaps in knowledge base.

We often provide this service to clients on large, or particularly complicated, development projects where the client would benefit from a single reference point in the collation of multiple strands of information.