Legal Services

Stephen Sidgwick, Director of Infrastructure Engineering, undertakes forensic investigations, expert witness work, failure identification and reporting and route cause analysis and identification.

He has a post Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation from Cranfield University and has in excess of 30 years experience in the civil engineering industry and the built environment. He has been a guest lecture at Cranfield University on the failure modes and effects analysis module of their Forensic Engineering and Science MSc course.

The areas of work include all infrastructure assets and structures including, bridges, statues, tunnels, roads, rail and maritime. In addition, the same skills at clearly identifying the root cause of a problem be it, fatigue, bending, shear or other failure modes can applied to processes and commercial issues with his methodical investigative approach. Getting quickly to the heart of the issue while maintaining sufficient openness of mind to also identify contributing factors.

The markets covered by these services include, the legal and insurance professions as well as government and local government institutions who may be self-insuring on many aspects of their portfolio of assets and issues.

Our Legal Services:

  • Forensic Investigations
  • Expert Witness
  • Civil Cases Expert Support
  • Testing of Failed Elements and Interpretative Reports
  • Failure Identification and Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis and Identification

Our Legal Experience