Maritime Engineering

Our Maritime Engineering Division offers independent, objective advice and services covering a wide spectrum of projects.

The maritime team supports clients with the identification of failures or repairs of marine structures such as pontoons, jetties, piers, locks and moorings.

Our team of highly experienced engineers is dedicated to providing effective solutions that depend on a quick and accurate response. We pride ourselves on being a single point of contact with a multi-disciplinary approach and a trusted supply chain.

Our commitment is to offer impartial advice and recommendations customised for non-specialist audiences. As an extension of your resources and knowledge, we’re here to guide and assist you every step of the way. With our team, you can trust that your project is in safe hands, ensuring a reliable and successful outcome.

Maritime Services

Frankham can provide the complete package in terms of coastal and waterfront inspection services. Our marine engineers conduct various levels of inspections on a range of structures such as jetties, pontoons, piers and sea walls for clients throughout the UK as well as providing design of necessary repairs.

We recommend, plan and conduct surveys to significantly reduce project costs and facilitate development by collecting fit for purpose data.

Inspections are typically carried out by work boat and on foot however through use of our trusted supply chain, we can now offer inspections by:

  • Underwater (diving/hydrographic/scour sounding/CCTV)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Rope access
  • Non-destructive testing and sampling
  • Bed sampling
  • Vessel mounted laser scanning

By following our feasibility study process we can ensure that the following steps are taken when completing feasibility studies.

  • Stakeholder engagement – through a culture of listening and solving problems we seek to obtain co-operative buy-in from all interested parties to facilitate development.
  • Flexible resourcing and expertise – our professionally qualified engineers, planners and health and safety consultants can ensure cost-effective and fast results on projects that capture sustainable values.
  • Quality assurance and discipline integration – reviews at various stages of feasibility and design ensure that quality and inter discipline compliance is achieved.

Maritime structures are often located in harsh environments which require specific knowledge and expertise in design and operational functions to accommodate.

Frankham enjoy a well valued reputation for delivering design solutions and analysis from concept to detailed design, decommissioning and assessments of existing structures.

Our engineers can provide expert advice on design and construction on projects related to:

  • Jetties
  • Quay walls
  • Mooring and berthing
  • Piers
  • Pontoons
  • Cathodic protection
  • Fenders and bollards
  • Piling
  • Structural repairs

Our clients often want reassurance that construction projects are being completed on time, within budget and critically, safely.

Frankham have extensive experience in contract administration and site supervision that ensures health and safety, progress and financial reporting is provided to the client with no surprises.

We have provided site supervision on projects for various clients throughout the UK including in upper tier COMAH sites.

We provide our clients with relevant advice, guidance and support throughout the consent process. We prepare applications for marine consents and permits relating to your project.

Our professionally recognised marine engineers, planners and health and safety consultants are vastly experienced in developing, reviewing and advising on permit and survey requirements.

Almost all projects in a marine environment require certain consents from statutory bodies. These can vary from the local planning and harbour authorities to the Marine Management Organisation and the Environment Agency. The consent process can often be complicated and slow, we strive to help our clients obtain consents in a smooth and timely manner.

Water Framework Directive and Environmental Impact Assessments
Between our in-house maritime expertise and trusted supply chain we deliver impact assessments for our clients. Impact assessments are often commissioned to support consents and marine licences and can vary between water framework directives, hydrology, ecology, navigation and environmental.

Flood Risk Assessments
Maritime projects can often have an impact on flooding. Planning authorities often require clients to understand the potential risk of flooding and management of mitigation measures when modifying a site. This will also include the potential impact of flooding further up or downstream of the site.

Our flood risk assessment reports (FRA) outline the risks and mitigation measurements taken for each specific site. The reports outline the potential sources of flooding, site specific risks, consequences, EA requirements and strategic flood risk assessment’s (SFRA) requirements, recommendations and guidelines.

The complexity of the report will depend on the type of development and which flood zone the site lies in.

Typically, clients must carry out a flood risk assessment if the proposed works include developments:

  • In flood zones 2 or 3
  • On land that has critical drainage problems
  • In areas at risk of flooding from rivers or sea
  • That change the vulnerability classification such as building dwellings on an industrial complex

Maritime Projects

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