Your Change in Career

If you have the ambition to change your career and train to become a qualified property professional then Frankham can help you achieve your goal.

Frankham invests in the potential of people, whatever their current career background. We can and do provide people with the environment in which to successfully make the career change from trade to professional.



We believe that trade experience can be very beneficial to a professional in their long term career. It enhances the ability of our teams to deliver practical real-world solutions that work for our clients and to develop collaborative relationships with the many trade, construction and facilities stakeholders in the build environment.

Ultimately it is this mutual collaboration across the career boundaries that delivers the joined up end solutions our clients expect. Career changers can play a very important role in making such collaboration a reality.

Frankham can offer candidates with the suitable desire, ambition and dedication an opportunity to train towards achieving the professional qualifications and role they seek. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment in which your skills are developed through a combination of individual training programmes and practical application through client project experience. All under the supervision and coaching of your Line Manager and our wider team.

Whilst we encourage all trade candidates to get in touch, we are particularly interested to hear from candidates with experience in the following trades/backgrounds, who are considering training to become a qualified property professional:

  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Heating Engineers
  • Site Agents/Supervisors
  • Site Engineers

Please send your CV and a summary of why you wish to make the career change, identifying the profession you wish to train to join, and why Frankham.

We look forward to helping you achieve your career change goals and celebrating your future success as a member of our professional team.