Rhodes House Extensions and Remodelling Laser Survey

Rhodes House is an historic Grade 1 Listed Building in Oxford. Built over four floors, its prime use is as a Library for scholars but it also contains administrative offices, accommodation, kitchens, plant rooms and storage areas for its unique and significant books and photographs.

Frankham initially carried out condition surveys but were later commissioned to develop design solutions to maximise the under-used areas of the building whilst maintaining the integrity. In particular, it was recognised that the basement had huge potential for development without compromising strict planning restrictions.

To facilitate these design works, Frankham’s Land Surveying Team was commissioned to produce floor plans, cross sections and elevations of the building. It was determined that the most efficient method of surveying the building was using our HDS Laser Scanners to produce a point cloud data file. This methodology had the advantages of gathering the data in 3D, particularly important in historic/listed buildings where rooms are rarely perfectly square and walls deflected from vertical. In addition, the data collection process was quick and provided minimum interference with the everyday workings of the building. Finally, AutoCAD drawings were produced from the point cloud.

The Rhodes Trust

£22 million

Laser Scanning and Point Clouds