River Thames Crossness Jetty Dredging

Frankham were commissioned by Thames Water to obtain marine licences and consents for proposed dredging works to the riverbed adjacent to their jetty at Crossness, River Thames.

The Thames Water site at Crossness, London, serves as a sewage water treatment plant, however, the jetty at Crossness serves the “Thames Bubbler” and Environment Agency operations. Over the last decade, the bed levels adjacent to the jetty have raised due to silt deposits rendering the jetty inoperable at low tides due to insufficient draft.

We recommended at an early stage that water injection dredging (WID) methods would be well suited to for the site, due to the silty nature of the riverbed and the lower environmental impact other dredging methods can cause. Our maritime team liaised with Van Oord, who conduct regular WID campaigns on the River Thames, who agreed to provide preliminary RAMS required for the consenting process.

Thames Water

Maritime Engineering