Putney Pier Inspection and Design Preparation

Frankham were appointed by Livett’s Ltd to inspect their pier at Putney and to prepare the design of mooring horns to accommodate modifications to the pontoon.

To provide a detailed and accurate representation of the existing structure, we prepared a 3D Revit model of the existing structure. This model intricately combined details of the dolphins and their connections to moving components, ensuring accuracy of up to 10mm and accounting for any deviations from plumb.

Our engineers calculated berthing energies and mooring loads essential for determining the loads acting on the structure. These loads were used to assess the structure and its ability to withstand the dynamic forces exerted during berthing and mooring operations, ensuring the safety and stability of the refurbished infrastructure.

Additionally, detailed design modifications were formulated to accommodate alterations to the mooring horn runners, facilitating seamless integration with the pontoon. The design of the mooring horns is engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of marine operations while ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. Fixing details for new timber fenders were provided to protect the dolphins from accidental impact damage.

The ultimate objective of the project is to ensure the safety, reliability and compliance of the maritime assets with operational standards. The comprehensive designs addressing structural concerns and implementing necessary enhancements, the refurbished brows, dolphins, and pontoon will serve to benefit the stakeholders and users of Putney Pier, ensuring continued operational efficiency and safety for all.

Livett’s Ltd

Maritime Engineering