Jetty Repairs

Frankham were commissioned to provide consultancy services to a contractor responsible for the overall refurbishment of the jetty.

The terminal provides a means of storage, import and export of LPG via tanker vessels and a jetty. The jetty comprises an approach structure, approximately 280m long, a jetty head which has a total width of approximately 100m and a depth of 14m. This structure is made up of 2 concrete berthing dolphins, each 25m long and a concrete joining structure. The whole jetty is supported on steel Rendhex piles and supports a 3m roadway and various mechanical and electrical equipment such as gas and water pipes. The vessel is primarily moored using buoys located either side of the jetty, with some bollards on the jetty head for use with spring lines.

To maintain the site’s operations until renewable energy sources are more widely available, the terminal and jetty is undergoing a period of upgrades to extend its design life.

Our services included:

  • Specialist maritime structural and urgent defect inspections
  • Preparation of concrete repair specifications
  • Structural design
  • Temporary work design (scaffolds and propping)
  • Overall management and processing of marine statutory authority licences

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