Barrier Garden Pier Brow Assessment

Frankham were appointed to survey and to undertake a structural assessment of Barrier Garden Pier brow in Woolwich.

Barrier Garden Pier brow is just downstream of the iconic Thames Barrier. The objective of the project was to provide the Port of London Authority (PLA) with the brow’s maximum capacity to allow for refurbishment works.

The brow is a 29m steel truss structure comprising main hollow sections and “I” beams. A system of horizontal and vertical bracings provides the restraint system of the structure. Glass, steel plates, and timber boards form the cladding system of the structure.

Some of the services provided by Frankham on this project included:

  • A desktop review.
  • Tactile and visual inspection of the structure using the PLA’s flagship London Titan vessel and man rider.
  • Structural survey to obtain the geometry of the brow and provide as built records.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTMs) to obtain thickness of elements composing the structure (in particular circular hollow sections).
  • Structure modelling.
  • A global structural capacity check (“I” sections, tubular chords, tubular bracing, etc.) with Eurocodes.
  • Preparation of record drawings.

Frankham maintained open, clear and professional communication with PLA engineers throughout the works from survey to issue of deliverables using emails.

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