Frankham Civil Engineers explore the impact of sustainability on the seabed

22nd June 2022

Frankham Engineers; Lindsey, Alex and Kilian recently attended the John Sargent Lecture at the Institute of Civil Engineers: The UK’s Net Zero Perspective – A Marine Perspective. The lecture was presented by Huub den Rooijen, Managing Director of the Marine Business Unit of the Crown Estate, and it seemed only right to take a suitably sustainable approach to travelling from the Frankham London office to ICE Headquarters, so the team pedal powered their way along Thames Embankment using Santander Cycle Bikes!

Huub discussed how the transition to a net zero carbon economy has led to unprecedented pressure to identify which developments are permitted on the surprisingly ecologically fragile ocean floor. Whilst wind power is one of the cheapest ways of generating energy with shorter lead times for construction, the turbines require land use in the ocean that disrupt marine life. They occupy space that could be used for dredging raw materials needed in low carbon construction, ocean cable management, oil and gas exploration and fishing. To address this, developments in wind turbine technology such as floating turbines are being explored.

The Frankham team concluded that the lecture was an invaluable opportunity to hear an expert’s exploration of the topic of renewable energy and seabed management, and to network with other professionals within the Marine sector of the civil engineering industry. Lindsey Dobbin – Frankham Assistant Engineering Manager, felt that it was the best lecture that he had ever attended!

Please see link to a recording of the the lecture below:


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