Business Continuity at Frankham Consultancy Group

19th March 2020

As the advice from UK Government has introduced more restrictive measures in order to combat the spread of Coronavirus, Frankham Consultancy Group has been reviewing its practices in order to contribute to the general effort made by industry and the public.

We write to assure you that Frankham Consultancy Group Ltd and its subsidiary companies, Frankham Risk Management Service Ltd, Lane and Frankham Ltd and Frankham Projects Ltd will be pursuing a policy of business continuity, whilst adopting best practice within the guidance available to minimise risk to our staff and to clients and customers.

Currently, we intend to keep our offices open, but we will, where possible, be asking staff to operate from home in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Whilst we could never have envisaged the current crisis occurring, we have been prudent in investing heavily in remote working capability, which means that a substantial number of our staff need not attend the offices in order to carry out their day to day duties. Even our switchboard staff have been moved offsite.

We are also taking the precaution of restricting staff practices in respect of meetings, both internally and externally. We have excellent video conference call facilities, where we can share documents on screen with colleagues and clients. Whilst this will be a shift in culture for some, it is certainly something that we have embraced into our business culture over recent years.

We trust that you will appreciate the measures that we are taking in order to maintain the quality service that you expect from Frankham Consultancy Services in these difficult times. We are sure that your business is taking similar measures in order to meet the challenges in the market. Our business, like yours, does rely on regular revenue in order to survive, so we would ask that you issue purchase orders and settle our payment requests in accordance with our contracts.

If you have any queries regarding this email, or you wish to talk to us about our business continuity plans in more detail, please contact Richard Chitty on 020 8309 7777.