Becky’s journey so far from Office Junior to Commercial Manager

9th February 2022

From Office Junior to Commercial Manager – We speak to Becky Hutson about her journey so far at Frankham.

When did you start at Frankham?
I joined Frankham in March 2008 as an ‘Office Junior’ and my main responsibilities were to help cover reception, typing, archiving, photocopying and binding. We used to have to issue documents out in hard copy format which were usually in multiples of at least 3 and bound, I’m so pleased that technology has advanced!

Why did you decide to join?
I wanted to join a company who would support me with understanding all office requirements. I was also living locally and attending an evening college course, working at Frankham allowed me to continue my studies and gain the office experience I wanted at the same time.

What has your journey been like so far?
I quickly moved from Office Junior to join the Health and Safety team as a Health and Safety Administrator, I’ve also worked for the Environmental and Topographical teams before moving on to where I am now in Civil Engineering.

My role has grown and developed with each move, and I have enjoyed constantly learning new skills in each position. Over the years, I have been able to work part time and full time which has given me a better work/life balance. Frankham’s flexibility has been a key factor for my progression within the group.

How have you developed throughout your time at Frankham?
In 2016 I completed the ‘LMI Effective Leadership Development’ course which Frankham sponsored. Most of my knowledge has come from the experience with working in many different roles and having a wide range of responsibilities. I have been able to work with some amazing people, past and present who have helped me grow in my career and also personally, I’ve also made some good friends along the way!

What do you enjoy most about working for Frankham?
Working with my team! I have a great team and we all work hard supporting each other to get the best results for the group.

I also have great working relationships with the Senior Management Team. I enjoy being part of the upcoming innovation discussions and being on hand to help other staff grow to their full potential.