Active Fire Safety Measures

17th July 2020

If you have recently received a Fire Risk Assessment or updated Fire Strategy for your property which identifies a need to enhance the Active Fire Safety Measures within your property, then Frankham’s Building Service Engineering team are here to help.

Achieving a complete fire safety system for your building requires the right combination of passive measures such as fire stopping and fire doors, combined with appropriate active safety measures, to meet the overall objectives of the bespoke Fire Strategy for the property.

Active Fire Safety Measures may include:

  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Smoke Ventilation
  • Fire Fighting Systems such as Dry & Wet Risers
  • Fire Suppression Systems such as Fire Sprinklers

Our Building Services Engineering team have the expertise to assess the suitability, condition and performance of the existing systems within your buildings and identify any measures required to meet the requirements of your fire strategy, initially providing a feasibility and costed options appraisal report to aid your decision making process.

Having selected the most suitable options, we will then develop them through to RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design, before procuring a Contractor and managing the works through to completion and handover.

We also have extensive experience of developing integrated designs for active fire safety systems in new buildings to ensure not only that they deliver optimum fire safety, but also deliver value for money, ease of use and minimise maintenance over their lifecycle.


James Clements
Associate Director
Building Services Engineering