Work experience is back and well underway at Frankham

31st January 2022

Jack Howe explains how his first week of work experience went with the Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying teams.


On my first day at Frankham I was welcomed by the QS team and they settled me in by giving me an insight into what goes on at Frankham. One of the first tasks I had to carry out was to work out the surface area for the arches at Findlater’s Corner at London Bridge Island. I enjoyed this task as a starter and felt involved straight away.


On my second day I was tasked to create a PowerPoint presentation for the command unit works taking place at Merton LOC. I found it really interesting to see how far spread the jobs at Frankham are. Wednesday

The next day I met Tom who I shadowed and assisted with carrying out the external wall survey for two low-rise apartment buildings. It was very fun as we had to be lifted to different points of the building by going up in a cherry picker, which I had never experienced before!


The next day, I travelled up to Haggerston in East London where I met Naved to shadow him whilst carrying out a party wall survey at three residential homes. I found this really fascinating as I never would have thought that an aspect like this would be taken into account.


On Friday, I was back with the QS team. This time I had the task of measuring the dimensions where the remediation would be taking place on the 2 low-rise apartment buildings that I visited with Tom.

I really enjoyed this as it tied in with the work I was doing earlier in the week.

I look forward to my second week and hope that there is a possibility of further work experience here when I enter my second year of my current college course.