Water Risk Assessments & Legionella Consultancy

Frankham Risk Management Services are appointed as a Service Partner to Grosvenor Estates to carry out risk management and compliance assessments across its London portfolio.

Grosvenor Estates are a Private Sector Landlord with a prestigious and high-profile estate in the centre of London and they maintain meticulously high standards for their compliance requirements.

Frankham RMS currently provides a ‘suite’ of compliance based services for Grosvenor Estates, including:

  • Accessibility Audits
  • Air Conditioning Surveys
  • Compliance Consultancy
  • Covid-19 Infection Control / Return to Work Assessments
  • EPC Surveys
  • Fire Risk Management
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Water Risk Management

We work to a consistently high standard ensuring that the Water Risk Assessment for Grosvenor’s building portfolio is carried out in advance of their renewal dates, can be prioritised where required, and have made our consultants available to provide a compliance advisor role for Grosvenor, its residents and staff and contractors. We communicate continuously to prioritise Grosvenor’s customer’s interests, minimise inconvenience and respect customers spaces at all times.

The relationship that our Team has worked so hard to build with the client, is reflective of our recent contract extension, and although 2020 was a challenging year for delivery due to Covid-19 disruption, we continued to work to programme, utilising the expertise of our multi-skilled team members, adhering to the Government Guidance and for filling our contract to keep Grosvenor Estates informed and compliant.

As a Service Partner to the Grosvenor Estates, Frankham RMS are able to add value to the contract through consistency and efficiency. Many of our Team are cross trained in multiple compliance areas, which enables us to carry out various risk assessments at the same site during a single visit, reducing the number of site visits and the impact on Grosvenor’s residents and Building Managers, whilst maximising the tight timeframe constraints that some of the sites on the portfolio require.

This approach has enabled us to deliver on both the client’s planned and reactive works, to maintain compliance.

Grosvenor Estates

Water Risk Assessments
Legionella Consultancy