HCE, Propping Review, Assessment, and Refurbishment Design

Frankham were initially commissioned to undertake a Hidden Critical Element (HCE) examination for Platform 1 and associated canopy and superstructure of a major London railway station, of which is located high above ground level. In response to identifying a number of urgent defects, additional services were provided to support our client and the end client.

The in-house services undertaken by Frankham on the project included:

  • Hidden Critical Element (HCE) Examination
  • Contractors Responsible Engineer Design (CRE-D)
  • Lead Designer – Design coordination
  • Trackside coper support inspection and temporary works design
  • Corrosion inspection and section loss survey using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (UTM) device
  • Combination of inspection techniques to compile the Inspection for Assessment (IFA)
  • Design of replacement support-beam
  • Level 1 and 2 assessment of platform support structure
  • Design Assurance Forms
  • Site query support
  • Designer’s Risk Assessment
  • Working for the contractor on this project whose client was the main asset owner


Infrastructure Engineering