Fire Risk Assessments for Lewisham Homes

The Frankham Risk Management Services team were initially commissioned to provide Type 1 fire risk assessments and associated consultancy across the whole portfolio of Lewisham Homes.

This contract was subsequently extended in 2019 and we are now their incumbent supplier for all FRAs, delivering circa 80 properties per month for the forthcoming 3-5 years. This contract includes both Type 1 FRAs and Type 4 FRAs as well as Fire Strategies and Fire Engineering services.

Type 1 Fire Risk Assessments

The Type 1 FRAs we undertake for Lewisham Homes are a visual survey of the communal parts of a building to assess the fire precautions in accordance with the requirements of the RRFSO 2005 and the recommendations of Fire Safety in Purpose Built Blocks of Flats and the relevant British Standard publications. In accordance with Lewisham Homes requirements all reports are provided in a PAS79 format template. We have established an excellent relationship with Lewisham Homes making continuous improvements, for example:

Updates to the FRA report template: In accordance with the requirements of Article 9 of the RR(FS)0 2005 and the guidance provided by PAS 79:2020, Frankham have reflected both the legislative requirement and the needs of the client by adapting the Fire Risk Assessment template to duly meet their needs. We have reacted to the client’s needs by adopting the Lewisham Homes risk rating, prescribed timescales, layout and servicing policy.

Improved compliance process: The Type 1 FRA programme has reflected the proactive approach employed by Lewisham Homes to ensure that the high level of compliance across the Lewisham Homes building stock is maintained. This is reflected in the delivery of completed FRA reports, duly quality assured in accordance with the BAFE SP205 requirements and PAS 79:2020 prior to the assessment due date. This has resulted in time and cost efficiencies to the client.

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