Fire Consultancy Retainer

We have established a strong relationship with Engie built upon our ability to resolve a number of issues they initially wanted to address with regards to their fire safety approach.

The level of compliance required in the construction industry and the scrutiny on residential projects led to Engie explaining to us why they required a deeper level of technical fire support than they had in their own staff and wanted to upskill the skills and knowledge of their staff and their quality control approaches.

Frankham RMS set about identifying the specific areas we could assist with and helped create an innovative raft of options to address these concerns. As a result we were (and remain) commissioned on a fire risk management monthly retainer with Engie Regeneration to help them adopt these measures.

We provided a designated Engie fire safety mailbox for use by all Engie staff, which is managed by our administration team who ensure a suitably qualified fire safety consultant is available to respond within 24 hours. As part of our retention contract, we make ourselves available to provide 24 hour a day, out of hours, strategic advice for emergency site issues identified by Engie staff.

Below is a summary of works undertaken either within the retainer or separately.

  • Type 1 fire risk assessments
  • Type 3 fire risk assessments
  • Type 4 surveys
  • Compartmentation surveys
  • Review of external cladding
  • Roof void surveys
  • Fire strategies
  • Specialist Desktop reviews
  • Review of fire stopping works / advice
  • Review of fire door, certification or fire door policy


Fire Consultancy
Fire Risk Assessments