Asbestos Surveying and Consultancy

Frankham were seconded to Transport for London to manage asbestos within Head Office (HO) buildings providing Asbestos Management services.

Asbestos Management services including provision of the following:

  • Advisory service with 24/7 round-the-clock access to Certified Competent Persons.
  • Design and implementation of Asbestos Management Procedure (AMP)
  • Asbestos Impact Assessments, providing appropriate recommendations prior to work disturbing the fabric of HO buildings.
  • Training in asbestos risk mitigation and safe working practices to TfL and GLA members.
  • Consultant directing third-party suppliers for HO requirements, e.g. remedial projects / emergency attendance.
  • Designated supplier for 2500 management surveys to commercial properties.

The role entails managing asbestos in circa 53 HO buildings across London, ranging in age from new to over 100 years old, with each providing its own challenge regarding occupancy and potential hazards. We are continually challenged to meet the needs of this dynamic, large public sector organisation, met by sufficient resourcing critical to maintain functionality at all time.

The Solution

Our primary role was to establish Transport for London as a market leader and positive example in its asbestos procedures. Due to the complexity of TfL’s interactions with customer and corporate entities, it was vital that a TfL had accountable policies and procedures that would remain relevant in all possible scenarios. A root and branch review of the existing departmental documents, policies and procedures was undertaken, combined with new approach to bring all departments under one umbrella document. The resulting document was deemed so suitable for purpose that it was adopted under the ‘one-authority’ reporting system, becoming accredited by Westminster City Council as a ‘model document’.

In addition to the above, we provided a team of experts in the hazardous materials field to meet with the key stakeholders across the HO buildings portfolio. Utilising our extensive knowledge of the commercial sector within the public arena, we were able to compile a ‘picture’ of each building.

This helped us produce a management programme, which identified short, medium and long term actions, to enable a ‘derisk programme’.
In each case, a cost-effective removal programme was effected to reduce not only risk, but future management costs.

The Outcome

Transport for London appointed Frankham to fulfil its moral, social and legal obligations with regard to asbestos. Since our appointment, we have established a fantastic working partnership with Transport for London, more than meeting the terms of the brief. It’s been very hard work at times requiring skillsets well beyond the original expectations, but has always remained extremely rewarding.

As a supply partner to Transport for London, our expertise and advice has become very well respected, so much so that we have recently received two further extensions on top of the original 7 year contract, and a recent 3 year renewal.

Added Value

Over the past 9 years, Frankham has provided the following over and above the requirements of the secondment to TfL:

  • Consultancy for Lead, Legionella and Anthrax
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Security cleared staff (LUCAS/Sentinel/BTP)

Transport for London

Asbestos Management