Asbestos Management for Home Group

In September 2018, Frankham tendered a submission to provide asbestos services to Home Group, which manages in excess of 55,000 homes (nationally). Following a successful tender, we were duly awarded a three-year contract.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Management surveys
  • Targeted refurbishment surveys
  • Emergency attendance
  • Provision of air monitoring and asbestos removal (via supply chain)
  • Training
  • Re-inspections
  • Customer care line to tenants
  • Data management

Our main role was to provide 900 refurbishment inspections throughout the South East, between Eastbourne, Guildford and Southend-On-Sea. At the same time, Home Group were switching to a new main contractor for planned works (MPS). Potentially, this could have left Home Group with a situation with a non-performing supply chain leaving them behind programme; however we are pleased to confirm Home Group have received exemplary planning from both Frankham and MPS, leading to works continuing as expected. In addition, Frankham work directly with all South East Project Managers, to provide Home Group with emergency attendance as required.

All work is governed by a mutually-agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), with measurable KPI values. These relate, not only to site attendance, but also to reporting times, including the provision of electronic data. So far, all KPI measures have been met.


The Solution

In order to correctly service this contract, we mobilised a multi-disciplinary team, capable of providing all required services in-house. This included not only increasing the number of inspectors/surveyors, and providing a dedicated project manager, but also engaging a suitable supply chain, to provide asbestos air testing and removal services.

Therefore, as with our Home Group contract, it was essential that our suppliers could be depended upon to deliver the services as required. To ensure this, the expected service levels were agreed, with measurable indicators put in place with our trusted supply chain. In addition to those nominated, second-reserve suppliers were also approached, to further ensure works would proceed as expected. In practice, this has meant that all emergency and remedial works so far have been, not only attended as soon as possible, but also completed to the satisfaction of the client. Also through the use of our shared database system (TEAMS), all data was uploaded into as soon as works were completed, giving the client real-time information.


Home Group

Asbestos Management