Coldharbour Jetty Inspection

Frankham were commissioned by Land & Water Group to carry out a structural inspection of Coldharbour Jetty in Rainham, Essex.

Frankham engineers obtained Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTMs) of piles at or close to the low tide levels, mid to high water levels and at the splash zone. Other structural inspections of fendering, ladders, canal sheet walls and concrete deck soffits were also inspected.

This structure comprises a former waste transfer jetty, constructed in 1984, to transfer container waste from barges to the adjacent landfill. The jetty is constructed 100m into the channel of the the River Thames on the edge of the navigation channel and thus its berths are available at all times of the tide.

Coldharbour jetty is a great example of an asset that is being suitably maintained for long term operational use. Land and Water have invested in the installation of a cathodic protection system which will provide protection against corrosion below the waterline for years to come.

Frankham’s recommendations align with the Land and Water’s aspirations to maintain safe operations over the next 25 years and beyond.

Frankham won our tendering process because hey were competitive and offered to undertake additional inspection work during tidal downtime periods at no extra cost. They also returned to site whilst working on another project to collect some additional data which was outside their original scope. Overall we found their flexibility and ability to deliver as excellent.” ~ Tom Melhuish – Land & Water

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