ACM Cladding Grant Approval Success

25th September 2020

We have supported one of our clients on their application for grant funding from the Private Sector ACM Cladding Remediation Fund.

We are delighted to hear that the application has been successful and discover it is one of the largest grant payments to date. The Frankham Consultancy Group can now assist with replacing the ACM cladding on the building.

Additional fire related cladding issues and a separate grant application
The building in relation to the grant also has other fire related cladding issues which requires the rendered cladding to be replaced, which covers the majority of the apartment block, as well as additional work to spandrel panels and balconies.

Unfortunately, the Government has set up separate funds for the remediation of non-ACM cladding systems requiring a separate grant application under the Building Safety Fund to be submitted.

Merging grants but an inefficient process
We have been advised that if this separate application is successful, both ACM and non-ACM grants will merge at the next stage. However, this leaves the potential for remediating the ACM ahead of the other fire related issues and result in a very inefficient way of carrying out the building works. This will also leave the building unsafe with cladding after the ACM is replaced.

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