More Work Experience at Frankham Consultancy Group

9th July 2019

Work Experience is well underway at Frankham Consultancy Group

Mert is now in his 2nd week of work experience.  Here Mert explains what he did in his first week at Frankham:

“For the week, I was assigned one main task, in which I had to use Google SketchUp to make a design of a jetty, that was planned on being built on the River Thames.

The design, once completed, was to be used in the tender of the project. I had never used or even heard of Google SketchUp, so my first day consisted of learning the basics of the program and how everything worked.

Once I understood most of the software, I started to design the jetty and the environment around it.

During the designing stage, I started to learn more complex commands, therefore allowing me to go back to my work and improve it further.

Eventually, I finished off my design and took screen grabs of the best angles for them to go in the tender. Over the week, I learnt a completely new software, which will be a good tool to have in the future.

In addition to my main task, I also researched into 3 types of engineering: Environmental, Structural and Civil.

For each profession, I looked into what exactly they did and what you had to do to become one. Researching into this allowed me to gain more knowledge of the type of engineering at hand, which showed me that each sector is different.

As I finished my main task faster than expected, I was provided with another task, in which I had to critique the “Maritime and Industrial engineering” page on the Frankham website.

Although I had annotated things in Technology at School before, this was unique, and helped me improve on providing improvements and alternatives.

Overall, this week allowed me to get a feel for engineering and what it is about.

Though engineering was the main job, I also did small jobs that are not relevant to engineering, but provide extremely useful skills for a student like me to have.”


Well done to all our students on their first week at Frankham, we hope you enjoy your last week!