Cost Consultancy

We provide our clients with effective cost control procedures. Our approach is to ensure that all participants in a project are involved in cost control, including the Clients.

  • Identifying the risks to the project and assorted costs.
  • The preparation of a robust budget at the outset.
  • The agreement of cost control procedures, taking into account any Standing Orders or procedures required by the Client.
  • The agreement of limits of authority.
  • The preparation of a pre-tender estimate.
  • The preparation of monthly cost reports throughout the contract period (with emphasis on the Forward Look).
  • The agreement to change proposals before the works are implemented.
  • Monitoring the trends of change.
  • Monitoring the expenditure of the contingency sum.

We see our role as Quantity Surveyors as being a key member of the design team, and would use the above procedures in our collaborative, methods of working. A robust relationship with the Quantity Surveyor of any scheme is essential to ensuring cost control.