Gas & Electricity Management

The various gas and electrical regulations, together with best-practice guidance, aims to ensure the safe installation, maintenance and use of gas and electrical systems in domestic and business premises.

Ensuring that policies and procedures reflect the regulations and guidance, and are implemented in practice, can often prove difficult. This is particularly true for those organisations with large property portfolios where logistics of gaining access to properties is often an issue.  FRMS demonstrates both value for money and a quality assured service.

How we can help:

We can assist through the:

  • Provision or review of gas or electrical policies and procedures.
  • Provision of electrical testing services in accordance to the 17th edition of the IEE wiring regulations.
  • Auditing of gas installation and maintenance works.
  • Provision of gas or electrical certificate document storage systems.

Our Objective:

To ensure the safety of our clients from the risk that electrical and gas installation and on-going maintenance presents.