Transport Assessment and Travel Plans

Frankham Consultancy Group’s Environmental Sustainability Team is able to offer a comprehensive range of Transport-related services from a full project Transport Assessment (TA) to a bespoke Travel Plan (TP). Both of these are often requested in support of a planning application or as part of a major development project.

A TA provides is a process which studies the transport issues relating to a proposed or existing project. Using an iterative approach, the TA is able to accurately assess the impact of a new or existing project on transport infrastructures on both macro and micro scales. Dealing with specific issues such as congestion, health and safety, additional burden on public transport, weight of traffic and increased pollution, our transport specialists are able to compile all of the findings into a comprehensive assessment which will be compliant with the latest legislation and National guidance.

As part of our transport services we also offer the compilation of Travel Plans. Equally applicable to both small and large projects, a TP is a report which contains a package of measures and recommendations tailored to suit the specific travel needs of the development and its’ users. One of the underlying principles of a TP is to try to limit reliance of single-occupancy private cars in favour of public transport options. Our bespoke TP’s are tailored to fulfil this requirement and to make specific recommendations by which this can be achieved.