Historic Land Use Assessments

Our hugely experienced Environmental Sustainability Team is able to undertake full Historic Land Use Surveys for your project. These surveys are often used to support planning applications or ‘change of use’ applications and our HLUS’s are carefully prepared to the most exacting standards by accomplished professionals to ensure compliance with Government planning policies of all levels. This means our experienced Environmental Sustainability Team is able to help everyone from private home-owners to construction companies, and from property developers to local authorities.

Focusing on a period of over two-hundred years, we delve into historical archives from the 1800s right up to the modern day. We conduct detailed research for each project – scouring these historic records, Ordnance Survey (OS) Maps, aerial photography libraries and Military Records. We then commission historic data maps, and scrutinise all of these reports on your behalf in order to glean all the relevant information we need to compile your bespoke, comprehensive HLUS. We even have access to a library of Russian Military maps stored by the UK Government after the 1970s which give an astonishing level of insight into the size and type of building or land-use present on a site during this period. All this is done to ensure that we are able to give you the most detailed and thorough assessment of historic land use at your project’s location. The result is a truly robust survey which states how your land has been used through time.

This survey is presented together with a statement regarding the potential presence of any likely contaminants/pollution which may be associated with a specific historic land use. For example, asbestos is often to be found in industrial buildings constructed throughout the last hundred years as it was often used for insulation or roofing purposes due to its high temperature tolerance in certain formats. This then forms a basis of recommendation from which you can commission further contamination investigation or testing.