Ecology Surveys

(Phase 1 habitat surveys, specialist species surveys and Japanese knotweed surveys)

Our team of highly qualified Ecology specialists are able to offer a full package of Ecology Surveys. With years of combined experience we have provided bespoke ecology situations to suit every kind of project need, from the smallest domestic extension planning application through to huge multi-million pound infrastructure projects.

We can undertake the following surveys –

  • Phase 1 Habitat Survey – A desktop and site-based survey documenting the species and scope of flora and fauna at a given site – often required for planning consent or applications;
  • Ecological Impact Assessment – Evaluates potential effects of defined actions on an ecosystem – eg. New development, removal of feature of ecological importance such as specific habitat;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment – Often required for larger development types, an EIA includes habitat, vegetation and protected species surveys together with an assessment of both proposed and existing transport, water quality, noise and landscaping;
  • Phase 2 Vegetation Survey – Using methodologies such as the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) among others we analyse vegetation and other ecological features in specific locations. These often include hedgerow surveys, river habitat surveys, aquatic macrophyte surveys, lower plan surveys and invasive plant surveys (eg. Japanese Knot-weed);
  • Protected Species Surveys – these are undertaken where the presence of a protected species is highlighted through one of the initial surveys (eg. Phase 1, EIA etc) and are a legal requirement under Article 12 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (Habitats Regulations 2010) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 where such species are present.