DREAM Assessments

DREAM (Defense Related Environmental Assessment Method) is an online environmental assessment tool, developed by Defence Estates (Property Directorate) for New Building and Refurbishment projects on DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation). It is MOD policy that DREAM is used wherever possible in preference to other Environmental Assessment Methods.

There are a number of scenarios where DREAM can be used:

  • For new buildings
  • For major refurbishment
  • For minor refurbishment works where there are several material effects on the fabric of the building or its services e.g. new heating system, new lighting system, new or altered thermal element, or re-roofing

Developments are assessed against one of the following six categories of buildings for both new build and refurbishment works:

  • Hangars and Workshops
  • Kitchen and Dining Facilities
  • Commercial Space
  • Living Accommodation
  • Mediterranean Living Accommodation
  • Mediterranean Kitchen and Dining Facilities

Under minor new works the following elements can be assessed:

  • Defence Information Infrastructure (including hardware, servers and cabling)
  • BMS
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Heating (including system replacement or installation)
  • Roofing (including recovering or replacement)
  • Re-Decoration
  • Air conditioning (including replacing or upgrading)
  • Windows (including replacement or overhaul)
  • Lighting and Electrics
  • Demolition

Frankham Environmental Sustainability Team has created several of its own in-house tools to assist all parties through the DREAM process. We use standard letter templates and ‘traffic light reports’, which clearly identify the likelihood of attaining each credit. We are proactive in the way that we assess projects and our expert knowledge allows us to achieve ratings in the most cost effective manner.

For further information and advice please contact a member of the Frankham Environmental Sustainability Team.