Topographical Surveying

Using the latest equipment, we establish control networks linked to National Grid co-ordinates via GPS. These are used not only for data gathering but also for setting-out once designs have been finalised.

Our survey division is called upon to undertake detailed topographical surveys of mainline railway stations, underground stations, depots, river/harbour side structures, sea defences, car parks, level crossings and associated road layouts, where above all a great degree of precision is required.

We survey small or large scale sites, green or brownfield sites ranging from back gardens to large scale housing and industrial developments.

The final plans can be issued in a number of formats tailored to the individual clients requirements. These include the production of visualisations in movie or stills format.

For more information please contact:

Nigel Coote, Survey Manager
t: 020 3714 7062 m: 07776 468 002