Civil Engineering

The Frankham Civil Engineering Department’s core services and capabilities are Bridges, Civil Engineering and Building Structure assets in transport and infrastructure.

Our clients operate in 4 main market sectors – Maritime, Rail, Highways and Land, and the Legal Services Sector.

A sample of our services are shown below as an indication of our ability to assist clients with Civil Engineering Consultancy requirements.


Contractors Responsible Engineer CRE
Contractors Engineering Manager CEM
Designated Project Engineer (DPE)
Detailed, Visual and Enhanced Examinations – Rail
STE2, STE3, STE4, STE5 & STE6 Examination Competencies
Hidden Critical Element Examinations
Rail Side Development Advice (BAPA) Asset Protection Negotiation
Reactive Maintenance Surveys
Design using GRIP Stages


Marine Structure Inspections
Docks and Associated Building and Infrastructure Engineering
Marine Licences and Consents
Water Framework Directive and Environmental Impact Assessments
Bed sampling and Other Environmental Surveys (Including Hydrology)
Hydrographic Surveys
Vessel Mounted Laser Scanning
Submarine ROV Surveys


General, Principal and Special Inspections – Highways
Highway Design
Drainage Investigation and Design
Design of Resurfacing of Car Park Depots and Access Roads
Car Park and Depot Design
Civils 3D
Topographical Surveys, CCTV Drainage and Services Trace
Design support on major infrastructure projects


Forensic Investigations
Expert Witness
Civil Cases Expert Support
Testing of Failed Elements and Interpretative Reports
Failure Identification and Reporting
Root Cause Analysis and Identification

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