BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification

Frankham has compliant BIM Level 2 Business Systems in accordance with the Government’s Built Environment Construction Strategy to support to our in-house BIM Accredited Professional Staff. Frankham have been working to ensure the we are capable to work within a BIM compliant project delivery process in line with current National Standards around Building Information Modelling and Delivery protocols.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling or ‘BIM’ is a collaborative way of working, a process and an attitude which is underpinned by a variety of digital technologies and organisation methods which facilitate full coordinated design, construction and management to unlock more efficient approaches for designing, constructing and maintaining building, infrastructure and site assets.

The implementation of BIM processes promotes better communication with the client, greater understanding within the project team and provides the ability to produce a more integrated information and design outputs.

BIM is not a software, a replacement for CAD or even only 3D modelling, its use requires a change in thought, in people, processes and technology. It encourages transparent and collaborative working not only within the design team but with the client stakeholders, construction team and all the supply chain partners.

BIM Management

Public sector clients are now requesting BIM Management from their supply chain teams and since 4th April 2016, Government funded teams are engaging Information Managers on all central government procured projects. Projects include both new build and refurbishment schemes which are in some way funded through central government teams including the likes of the EFA, Environment Agency or the Ministry of Defence.

Several other Government and non-Government organisations are now actively seeking the benefits and efficiencies from BIM delivery management outside of the mandate through their tender processes and team engagements.

Frankham plan to continue to evolve its BIM capability as BIM Standards change, improve and spread to standardise delivery worldwide. Frankham will look to be at the forefront of understanding and implementing any updated standards and educating our clients to ensure that they secure the full benefit of Building Information Modelling and Management delivery in the future.

The BIM Team and Delivery

The BIM Process