Low Carbon Consultancy

Frankham teams lever the cost of a sustainable undertaking with the biggest impact on carbon consumption. In order to achieve cost effective low carbon solutions, Frankham applies a standard and proven approach on all design phases:

  1. Minimise Energy Demand – use passive measures such as insulation, improved glazing and reduced air permeability to reduce consumption to a minimum.
  2. Use Energy Efficiently – use efficient systems to deliver the required loads and lighting levels to reduce consumption to a minimum.
  3. Supply Energy from Renewable Sources – substitute non carbon energy for carbon forms, i.e. reduce utility consumption, by using photo-voltaic, solar thermal, wind generators, biomass etc.

Similarly we seek to ensure that the ecological, environmental and community impact of the built environment is considered at each stage of the design and is integrated into the design development process.

Early consideration ensures maximum value for money and impact of the available spend, ensures carbon consumption is minimised and that the building meets its eco requirements within the community it serves.

We employ low carbon consultants