Frankham’s education architects and multi-disciplinary teams are committed to creating excellent, sustainable schools. Consequently we design schools that are equipped for 21st Century learning, built at the heart of the community.

This embraces a strategic and integrated approach to the design of new or refurbished school buildings. The aim is to meet changing needs, to provide safe and healthy environments and ensure inclusion and access for all. Furthermore we provide sustainable buildings, properly designed to be maintained with a focus on whole-life costs.

Education Partnerships

Frankham preserves successful partnerships working with local authorities and schools to maintain, refurbish, remodel, extend and build new school buildings. We are skilled at bringing together clients, stakeholders, project teams and contractors through consultation to develop effective and aspirational briefs.

Above all our solutions balance inspirational design with transformational functionality and value for money.

Many of our projects have been funded by a client’s Capital Building programme. Much of our work comprises Basic Needs provision and Primary School expansion. This occurs both traditionally and increasingly using modern methods or construction, pre designed solutions and modular building products.