Health and Safety

Health & Safety is at the core of our business and exemplifies and underwrites our attitude and approach to CSR.

From the Chairman and Senior Management Team down, there is an attitude and mindset that is based on a belief that a safe working environment reflects an ethical, disciplined and professional approach to service delivery.

Safety is embedded in everything we do, whether as employees of the company being provided with a safe working environment, or as professionals carrying out our particular disciplines in the built environment ensuring our projects provide buildings that are safe in terms of design, construction, maintenance and management.

This attitude reflects the individual and corporate responsibility we all have in our day to day employment.

The Chairman and Senior Management Team at Frankham are committed to ensuring systems are in place to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, persons in training, contractors, temporary workers and any other persons who may be affected by our activities or provision of services.

Staff are encouraged via regularly monthly team meetings to report any concerns or issues involving safety and these reports are received and reviewed by the senior management team and chairman and appropriate actions instructed.

Health & Safety is embedded in our company structure with the inclusion of a specific in-house CDM and Health and Safety and Risk Management Team who provide safety related training to all areas of the business from asbestos awareness, risk assessment, first aid, working at height and CDM Awareness and Duties. It’s no coincidence that the team’s motto is “Safety is no Accident!

At Frankham we believe communication is a key factor in effective Health and Safety Management and good communication goes hand in glove with a positive and respectful approach to our fellow colleagues and all those we come in contact with. A positive working environment, based on effective communication, is a safe working environment and helps us hit our target of year on year reductions in accidents at work.

We encourage our staff and those we work for to think about health and safety with as much importance as time, cost and quality. It is as much about attitude and belief in keeping safe and even our company’s formal Health & Safety policy is considered a live and active document which is updated with feedback from all staff teams. The Chairman and Senior Management Team hold bi monthly meetings with Health and Safety on the agenda to implement any actions that have been raised at a team level to continually improve our performance. Progress is reported to all employees via the CDM and Health and Safety Team to provide good communications throughout the business structure in a live and dynamic way to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind.