At Frankham Consultancy Group we are aware of our environmental responsibility and have a commitment to reduce our environmental impact, ensuring our clients, stakeholders and local community benefit from our operation.

The environmental impact of our operation is relatively limited, however we have developed a number of processes to ensure our environmental impact is reduced. Our business activities however, have a higher risk in terms of environmental impact through the design and development of our clients projects, as a result we have a team of experienced consultants to provide environmental advice.

Frankham has always been committed to reducing its environmental impact, and the introduction of an accredited Environmental Management System was the natural solution to developing a robust system to assess, monitor and improve environmental performance. ISO14001 is the most widely recognised Environmental Management System accreditation and in 2006 Frankham achieved compliance.

Initially the system was set up with an environmental policy at the centre, however as needs have changed this has been incorporated into the Business Management Policy, aligned with Quality Management and Health and Safety policies. This provides a central policy and allows  integration of monitoring and management systems where applicable.

We operate from four offices in the UK, two of which are covered by our ISO14001 accreditation; Sidcup and Oxford. We record and monitor energy consumption, waste generation and business travel, where possible.

We have implemented the following initiatives to reduce our operational impact:

IT equipment defaults to standby whilst not in use.
Computers and monitors are switched off between the hours of 8pm and 6am.

Introduction of video-conferencing facilities at all offices.
Encouragement for staff to use public transport at Haywards Heath and London offices.

Metal, Plastic, paper and general waste segregated.
All printers set to default to double sided printing to reduce paper usage.

Copies of our BMS policies for both quality and the environment are available on request.