Frankham Fundraising

For some thirty years Frankham has been involved in various kinds of fundraising. Steve Frankham MBE, Chairman of Frankham Consultancy Group, through a passion of helping others and improving lives has been involved in raising in excess of £1.3 million.

Steve’s fundraising mission continues to pursue the ethos of ‘Frankham helping the local Community’. He encourages our staff, as they have significantly done, to continue raising money for children and adults with disabilities.

These proceeds are donated towards various charities such as Parkwood Hall, Threshers Day Nursery, Northlands (Multiple Sclerosis Society), Demelza Hospice, Burgess Autistic TrustMarlborough School to name but a few.

Our Charity Goal:

Frankham is committed to supporting The Chandran Foundation.”


The Chandran Foundation – Our Mission:

We believe every child deserves the best possible start in life – whatever their family circumstances. The Chandran Foundation works in schools across South and West London helping disadvantaged young people to make the most of their education.”

Frankham staff continue to put much of their own time and effort into raising funds for other worthy causes too. Below are links to just some of the events they have been involved with:

Annual Fundraising Lunch
Christmas Gifts
Easter Egg Collection
Easter Egg Delivery
4 Oceans
Scotty’s Little Soldiers
Sharratts to Paris – part one
Sharratts to Paris – part two
Frankham Consultancy Group also undertake to:

  • provide work experience opportunities to local schools
  • mentor individuals
  • encourage the next generation of young professionals

For further information about Frankham Fundraising, please contact or