Waterloo Station – Advertising Board Replacement

Network Rail
Contract value:
£2.4 million
Health & Safety and CDM Services, Cost Consultancy, Project Management

The Project involved removal of existing advertising boards and cladding across an overhead gantry spanning the gateline for the main platforms at Waterloo Station, strengthening the gantry and installing new multi-screen monitors to display video advertising.

The works involved the removal of the existing advertising boards affixed to the front of the BAIT Raft overlooking Waterloo Concourse and their replacement with large transvision screens. There are three transvision screens, two termed ‘picture frames’ consisting of 35 banked screen cabinets and a large ‘super’ transvision screen formed from banking 258 screen cabinets set centrally on the eastern concourse. A previous structural assessment of the BAIT raft steelwork indicated that the vertical Tees that currently support the advertising signage have insufficient structural capacity to transfer the loads of the proposed transvision screens to the main steelwork that forms the BAIT Raft. Frankham’s role has included checking that the designers had fully assessed the risks associated with their designs and employed the hierarchy of control. In this way we have helped eliminate risks where possible, ie working out of hours and containing the work area, and helped minimise the risks where they cannot be eliminated.

In addition the asbestos survey indicated that asbestos is present behind the steel cladding between the trackside high level walkway and the advertising boards.